Bright Concepts Security Solutions exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.


In terms of Security, IT has evolved "continues to evolve" at an extremely fast rate. In less that a quarter of a generation, we have moved from owning bulky desktop computers to portable smart devices that have become not only a vital part of how we conduct work, but also intertwined in every fascist of our life. 
Likewise, our adversaries now have a much wider range of tools today when it comes to interfering with our daily lives be they in the form of stealing business information, hijacking your social networking account or even hacking your bank or national grid. 
BCSS look to facilitate awareness by providing a range of services to meet this ever-evolving challenge.



According to The Register, In 2016 alone New Zealand lost $1.3 Billion dollars to retail crime. An older study in the US revealed anything between 7-10% of stock that enters supermarket shelves is never seen again and is classified as either lost, stolen or damaged. 

The reality is, theft this large is not only impacting businesses but the wider community as a whole.

Clearly, Loss Prevention requires the input and active participation of each and everyone of your staff and acquaintances.

Is your stock mysteriously disappearing? Do you Suspect your employees of being involved ? Is you business a target?



From mail theft to criminal investigations, our adaptable team of investigators can quickly help you resolve your problems. Our specialists have worked in a range of fields for both government and the private sector. AT BCSS, we are constantly seek investigators that have had experience in medium to high stress environments as they work well under pressure to deliver outstanding results whilst giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve. As a result, the quality of our investigations are some of the highest in the industry.


Examples of work include:

  • Long and short-term surveillance of people or assets.

  • Locating of persons/missing persons.

  • Criminal investigations.

  • Corporate and Insurance investigations.

  • Background research on subjects.

  • Hostile Environment (see Government)



It is hard to find guards that "Get it". At BCSS, our guards are tested against our strict set of benchmarks before being sent off on assignment. We believe it is our duty to give you the peace of mind that you really deserve.  The benefit that we get in return is by testing these Security Operators against our benchmarks, we are regulating the Security Industry by maintaining talented security professionals in the workforce as well as encouraging industry best practice. After all, you are as sharp as the tip of your spear.

Our guards are experienced in:

  • Crowd Control.

  • Building/Property Security.

  • VIP protection.

  • CCTV and Loss Prevention.

  • Event Security.

Contact BCSS today to find out what we can offer you.



Bright Concepts Security Solutions exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.


​BCSS along with our strategic partners offer industry specific solutions to help meet your needs. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:​

  • Case studies in Defense and/or Intelligence and their application in the Contemporary Security Environment of your choice.

  • Country, region and industry specific security assessments. 

  • Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

  • Urban Surveillance exercises. 

Please contact BCSS as this is a very specialized service and is not offered to the wider Public. NGO's and industry specific Security personnel  will need to provide identification and paperwork upon request.



BCSS's research and development division is a unique contribution to the security industry.  We specialize in research in a variety of areas in the Security Industry including but not limited to:

  • Engineering for Defense and the Security Industry.  

  • Technical feasibility studies as well as legal compliance. 

  • Simulation tools "Electro-Mechanical" 

  • Drones, AGVs and specialized Robotics applications in the Security and Defense Industry.

This complex tasks is taken on by our team of staff comprising of Engineers, Academics and Security Specialists. It better enables us establish a coherent communication channel between us, our clients and our stakeholders resulting in a specific outcome with much less downtime. 

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Open Source Intelligence is a collection technique that relays on gathering useful information on a specific subject, topic or issue of interest that is relevant to the client. It is not illegal nor does it involve any outside agencies "such as police, intelligence" in order to conduct. It simply gathers intelligence in a easy to read manner to the client in order to give them a clearer picture with regards to what outcomes they have at their disposal.  

As Intelligence Expert Mark M. Lowenthal put it "Intelligence can be information, but not all information is intelligence". BCSS experience in deciphering through information, noise and intellegince can help give clear the fog around the issues that matter to you in a short time frame. Giving you more freedom to problem solve with a stress free mind. 



You will be surprised with how much information a potential infiltrator can get on your premises both online and from face-to-face communication with your acquaintances. Our team of specialist help provide a very unique solution to both our corporate and private clients by  using an All-Source Intelligence approach to finding any potential security loopholes you have by putting it to the test. This ranges from testing locking systems on doors to gaining "Privileged" access to your premises. 

Our role-players are made up of a team of investigators and IT-Specialists with experience locally and overseas. They have first-hand experience in these situations ranging from undercover guards in the retail industry, property/document theft and even complete strangers bypassing security guards to chase after a VIP.

Is your organization prepared for such a security breach? How will your employees respond to such a threat?



BCSS achieves sound strategic and tactical advantage in its counter-terrorism and de-radicalization solutions by bridging this gap and providing specialist consulting across a range of issues. We conduct on the ground research with out stakeholders on a regal basis to determine the long and short term impacts on security policies and events and how effective they are. Examples from our wide range of expertise includes:

  • Radical Islam with background experience into Al-Qaeda & ISIS as well as other groups and their affiliates.

  • Intimate knowledge of the process of radicalization both from a historical and contemporary perspective.

  • De-radicalization and Reintegration of terror offenders into society both in theory and practice. 

  • Jihad theory in conventional and irregular warfare as well as the urban security context. 

  • The rise of Right-Wing extremism in the West and its impact on future CT operations. 

  • A unique approach to Counter-Terrorism brought on by our diverse team of experts, ranging from advice on policy for the Defence and Security Industry.

Does your organization need to break out of the 'group-think' mentality and different perspective to practical problems solving? Contact us today. 

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