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The Meaning of Determination

I was going through my routine schedule with checking out emails and other errands and I happened to get the biggest wake up call in a long time. It was sent from overseas regarding a young individual who was really keen on beginning their career in Defence and was hell-bent on even getting through SAS selection. Now I personally have no experience in SOF, I can say I have had the fortunate privilege of getting to know some of these 'Fine and Elite being'. Before judging this persons lack of experience and responding to the email, i did what I always do, run a through background check.

To my surprise, his physical fitness was personally assessed by New Zealand Defence Force Staff with him receiving a great deal of recognition for his efforts. The results were as follows


-Pushups:- 63

-Situps:- 190

-2.4km run:- 8:10mins

I would have personally found it hard to believe if it wasn't conducted under the supervision of the New Zealand Army. I remember slumping in my chair in awe as I was having serious flashbacks. It was actually just over a decade ago when I decided to embark on my own journey. Such ordeals can be extremely lonely since carving a path on your own is no way near following someone else's lead which is why I personally really felt obliged to help the guy out by putting him in touch with the right channels. By the way, did I mention the guy was too young to enlist? He was only 17! I just hope that his mental determination is as good as his physical determination but there is only one way to find out.

But it seriously got me personally asking myself "How determined are we?". If you find that you get up asking yourself this same question every morning, you either fall in two camps. Those that needs to get off their backside and stop reading self-help books, or those who are so hell-bent on success that the self-doubt they have about themselves pushes them beyond their limits, even when they are the peak of their pecking order. The spectrum that I personally have devised for our team at BCSS is as follows:


This is someone who will take the task at hand very seriously and may even do it within the time frame. At occasions, they will exceed your expectations.


This person constantly strives to exceed expectations in multiple avenues. When you ask for a 10 page report, they'll give you 20. When you ask them to do an 40 hour week, they will do overtime AND other extra activities outside of work that constructively help further their discipline. They genuinely have an interest in what they do inside and outside of work.


This is the real 'go-getter from hell'. They'll be awake doing what they do when everyone is sleeping, be it working out or mentally grinding through. Did you ever hear about a detective not dropping a cold case? How about that operator on that 60km march in full kit? What about that operator on a high-risk contract who has been told to stand-down by his superiors after finding out hes been stalking a subject for 33-hours with only a 15min break to lay down on their back?

The last group is reserved for the very few that will go on and be forgotten. We may not remember their names but we will always live with the impact their lives have had on making the world a better place. The question we would like to ask you now is...

"When was the last time you seriously sat down with yourself and asked yourself about your level of Determination?"

If you are in the early phase going through your journey, you might want to check out Operators Edge on the following link . Whether your looking at a training routine for selection or just plain curious about what it is like to increase your resilience. This website is one of the first of its kind in Australasia.

P.S. By the way, there is another level beyond dedication. We won't discuss it in this blog but we will leave you to think

about it!!!

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