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Shooting Target Essentials

The following are your MUST HAVES if you are looking at getting serious about your firearms training. We went shopping online and we were very happy with what we found. The team has compiled the following set of targets.

RE Factor Tactical - Killzone Target

This is your basic IPSC/USPCA target but on riods. The heart in the middle of the A-Zone happens to be the exact dimension as the 3x5 card drills "subtle Dave Spaulding reference" which is very convenient. Would recommend gluing it to cardboard for the sake of extending its life or if you are just keen to use it for dryfire. It goes very, very well with the drills RE Factor have provided in this link

Killzone Target. SOURCE:

10-8 8" @ at 3.6m

You don't have to walk far to conduct this drill. All you have to do is stand at 3.6m "4 yards" and the following circles represent an 8" target. The inside number represents what the circle would look like at that specified distance "eg. 10 yards". This target is very handy at simulating distances.

Now you have an 8" target that you can dryfire with in your underwear, at a simulated range of 25 yards in your cramped little apartment. How convenient.

Distance Targets. SOURCE:

RE FACTOR Tactical - Essentials Target

Now we have to mention these badass dudes again. The Essentials targets is best explained through their online blog. What we love about it is that it has over 10 pistol drills all on one sheet of paper "How convenient". Best part is, the boys went out and benchmarked it against a good number of operators so now you have a table of times you should be aiming at in case you really want to push yourself. Again, RE Factor provide you with a service and then take it up a level. The explanation of their set of drills can be found on the following link:

Essentials Target. SOURCE:

10-8 Dryfire Circle Madness

Designed to go with the LASR shooting software, this target is ideal if you really want to go take stress to the next level. After setting up your webcam and parameters in the software, the speakers will yell out the colour that you have to shoot. Now notice if you stand at exactly 3.6m, what do these targets represent?

More about the LASR software will be discussed in the next blog. You can easily swap colours for instructions on the software which can enable you to throw a "reload" command or a "malfunction for a set colour.

Best part is the webcam records your accuracy throughout the whole drill which will give you something to look over in your spare time.

Circle Madness. SOURCE:

Do you know of any other targets that you would like us to look into? The BCSS team would definitely appreciate your input!

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