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Newswire: What Does This Guy Have to do With The End of the World?

Jamal khashoggi

For those that do not know, Jamal khashoggi has been on the news in the Middle East on a daily basis since he was attacked at the Saudi Embassy on October 2, 2018. To summarize, Western media outlets are putting Saudi Arabia in the spotlight for the suppression of free speech inside and outside the Kingdom. According to the Center for Foreign Relations (CFR) , the assassination of this journalist in particular has put some countries at odds against one another when it comes to "weighing their interests vs. values" with Saudi Arabia.

When comparing Middle Eastern media outlets, we get the other side of the news since this botched operation has a greater impact on the region than some analysts think.

Before going into depth, it is of great importance to understand that Jamal has spent 25 years of his life among Saudi royalty and the Intelligence Community. To some Saudis to this date, Jamal is viewed as an asset that went 'Rogue' rather than someone who is fighting for Freedom of Speech and discussing despotism in the Kingdom. Just think of how the U.S. viewed Edward Snowden who's currently outside the U.S. for obvious reasons. The fact that Jamal had a backup plan for his 2nd embassy trip goes to show that you never trust an agent!

We are not taking sides here but rather discussing the other side of the news that no one is currently talking about, especially with regards to potential security risks in the region.

Recently, BCSS has been monitoring 'Chatter' on a daily basis regarding this incident. Amongst the noise, we were able to find a steady stream coming from a group of sporadic groups with regards to the rise of the Mahdi. But first, who is the Mahdi?

The Mahdi

The Mahdi or the "rightly guided one" as literally translated in Arabic is the future ruler who will come near the end of times and unite everyone into one Caliphate before the arrival of Jesus. The uprising is predicted to take place in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The 1st Mahdi Uprising

The first ever recording of a Mahdi uprising in Western Literature dates back to the Mahdi of Sudan in 1881. It dragged on for 9 years despite the joint Kedavi-Colonial alliance. A lot of key players were involved including Lord Kitchener and Winston Churchill who both would go on to have very decorated careers in WWI and WWII. The death of General Gordon in Khartom did not go down well with public opinion over in Britain who were seeking explanations as to why and how they were defeated by such a primitive people.

The Siege of Mecca - 1979

Mohammad Alqahtani was behind the siege of the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. His demands were simple, the establishment of the Caliphate as the Mahdi of Islam. This was a very desperate situation of Saudi Arabia as the use of force specifically in that city has been prohibited before and after the rise of Islam in the region. To this date, Police Officers do not even carry batons in this city which definitely made the mosque and easy target. Taking him out was a combined effort between Saudi , Pakistani and French Special Forces which ended up with the Mahdi receiving a clean head-during his bayyiah (oath of allegiance) ceremony by an arial sniper.

The link

These two leaders have more in common than just their knowledge of the population and their ability to manipulate individuals. They both happened to have the exact first and second names, "Mohammad ibn Abdullah". To the layman this seems to be a simple coincidence as these are some of the most popular name in the world. In Islamic Literature, authentic hadith (Prophetic sayings) states that this indeed would be the name of the future Mahdi.

CT practitioners in the future may want to mitigate the effects of these incidents by effectively 'inoculating' the local population to such incidents by educating them. As stated earlier, the actual Mahdi is predicted to come from Medina "which none of the previous two leaders did" and all world religions are in a mutual consensus that the coming of Jesus is not in sight yet.

The Verdict

At BCSS, we have concluded that the current situation as it stands does not dictate any plans for a Mahdi-style uprising in the Kingdom. Needless to say it is of vital importance to monitor developments due to the instability of the Middle East at the moment. The Saudi royal family has plenty of groups that would be keen on an uprising and may take advantage of the instability in the region just as ISIS did in Iraq.

Shiek Khalid Al-Maghribi of Alaqsa Mosque. TRANSLATION: Hadith of the Mahdi, come to him even if you have to crawl on snow. SOURCE:

Reading beyond the lines shows that the call to the Mahdi at the moment is more of a "Desperate cry for help" which does not take into account the global situation that we are in. Nearly all of the Shieks and other individuals that are bringing these glad-tidings live under repression and are seeking a way out of their turmoil which does not involve traditional politics due to its failure to bring peace to their part of the world. The Middle East and Islam is not unfamiliar with false Mahdis but it will pay dividends to spread awareness to Security Practitioners in the future so that they are not taken yet again by surprise before they have boots on the ground.

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