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Newswire: The Christchurch Shooting


I remember my phone going off that day. Usually I ignore them until I have time to answer. I then remember receiving a text from family saying "There is a shooting right now in Christchurch". I still remember I still decided to ignore my phone. The sad reality of being a Counter-Terrorism consultant is that you become 'numb' to such news since you are constantly dealing with terror/people dying on a regular basis. It is definitely not a good thing but it gets you through some pretty terrible content.

....Then my wife rang and I remember being told about what happened. The rest of that time was spent on the phone and computer till the following morning.

I thought Id wait till 'the time was right' but when will that time ever come? Our thoughts and prayers do go out to the victims and their families. At the end of the day, terror and hate are blind and are not confound to a specific race, nation or religion.

The day you start singling out a group of people in terms of crime, intelligence estimates and purely on prejudice is effectively when you have decided to 'sign-off' your career in any security or intelligence related discipline and it will only be a matter of time when you get it wrong and effectively get fired for it.

Now bearing that in mind, if this is how harshly we are willing to treat our frontline men and women for getting it wrong, then why not our politicians? So who are the winners and the losers?

The Psychology of Hate


Yeah we had to throw here in. For more on how the ASIO chief ended up schooling here about racism check this link out.

At one point during the peak of the ISIS threat in Australia, Pauline decided to have another go before being literally decked by the ASIO chief who told her explicitly to back off as there were front line immigrants doing Counter-Terrorism and Policing work to help protect everyday Australians. That was probably the angriest I have personally seen him!

Now we are aware all the major parties in Australia have requested to put them down as their last choice for the next upcoming elections but let us simply put it this way, would you give the last 'preference' in politics to a racist? I sure wouldn't even consider ISIS as an option even if it showed up on the ballot box.

We are aware that there is an immigration issue in Australia that government is trying to address but by not refuting Fraser Anning's comments on the 'Final Solution' which was pretty Nazi in nature, it would not be a surprise to see potential and current security experts across all branches and levels think twice with regards to where they are headed. After all, they do provided their services to government and policy makers.

Now you might be wondering why we are not putting our attention on the attacker here and the answer is simple. Everyone knows that he is a maniac who does not represent Australia let alone human values and therefore does not warrant our attention. Our actual security concern relates to those who encourage "first grade genocide under the pretext of free speech". As long as far-right extremists like this keep attacking minorities, we will continue to be busy cleaning up their mess like we did in Christchurch.

Erdogan's Speech

It kills me to say this but there is a reason why no one can mourn and think logically at the same time. The Turkish president's comments on the shooter's forefathers was definitely uncalled which made things go south pretty darn quick. It is interesting how Erdogan got sidetracked about the Turkish Caliphate fighting off the ANZACS but forgot to relate Christchurch to a similar event which took place in 1860.

The Massacre of 1860

Now you might ask why is this Jihadist wearing a cross on his chest?

Source: Flickr

This event took place at a time where the Druze population decided to literally kill off the Maronite Christians based in Lebanon. It was complete and utter chaos. A Muslim jihadist by the name of Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jazaairi who formerly led the Algerian uprising against the French was called upon by the Christian minority. He gathered twenty of his men and rounded up the civillians before setting up base around his residence. He held his ground until a combined Euro-Ottoman force peacekeeping force arrived in Lebanon.

Abdul-Qaadir was decorated for his efforts by the same french leaders who he was fighting just moments earlier!

Strategically and politically and even Islamiclly for Erdogan, it would have been significantly beneficial for Turkish Policy-Makers to recognize the efforts of key individuals and decorate them acts of their sacrifice and bravery rather than turn up the heat on an inflamed situation.

A Special Thanks to the Heroes

We would like to thank every single person that helped out in their efforts either directly or in directly. From the Ambulance first responders to the brave neighbour who sheltered the muslims in his own house whilst the shooting was taking place. To the child who dropped flowers not knowing what the hell took place to Hospital staff who worked round the clock to save lives. For the Jewish and Christian community who showed support and willingly volunteered to watch over us whilst we prayed.

Source: The Gaurdian

To all the volunteers and to the kiwis who were giving out free rides and accommodation to everyone. For those who gave us a shoulder to cry on and for all members of the public inside and outside of New Zealand. We have been literally overwhelmed with your response and we believe that we have come closer together as human beings who share exactly the same emotions irrespective or race or religion. It is something that cannot be simply put into words.

An finally for the security staff who selfless sacrificed throughout this whole ordeal. For the PM for her amazing response to this tragic incident, for police and the huge effort they have done. For intel staff "Both ASIO and NZSIS" working behind the scenes round the clock to piece together what happened. Just know that when you go home to sleep after a 40-hour day, you will always be in our thoughts wherever you are.


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