How will you respond in a REAL-LIFE situation?

You will be surprised with how much information a potential infiltrator can get on your premises both online and from face-to-face communication with your acquaintances. Our team of specialist help provide a very unique solution to both our corporate and private clients by  using an All-Source Intelligence approach to finding any potential security loopholes you have by putting it to the test. This ranges from testing locking systems on doors to gaining "Privileged" access to your premises. 

Our role-players are made up of a team of investigators and IT-Specialists with experience locally and overseas. They have first-hand experience in these situations ranging from undercover guards in the retail industry, property/document theft and even complete strangers bypassing security guards to chase after a VIP! 

The questions that BCSS puts before you now are "Can you or your business afford your security to be compromised? If you can financially, how will it impact your reputation?"

After all, you will not really know the extent of the damage until it really happens. Experience has always proven that realistic simulations are the best way to gauge your organization's response without the risk or loss incurred from an actual breach. 

Exercises range from:

  • Building security.

  • Guard situational awareness.

  •  Data/document theft.

  •  Loss prevention "shoplifting to organized crime"

  •  VIP Security Protocol.

  • Government / Critical

  • Infrastructure. 

  • Corporate.

These are realistic exercises aimed at creating greater awareness for you, your employees and organization as a whole with the intent of achieving a specific set of outcomes.

Fine print: This services is highly sensitive and is customized to your organizational needs. BCSS will only go forward with such a services once all parties are fully briefed and understand the role each players has in each exercise.