Achieve Your Goals

Open Source Intelligence is a collection technique that relays on gathering useful information on a specific subject, topic or issue of interest that is relevant to the client. It is not illegal nor does it involve any outside agencies "such as police, intelligence" in order to conduct. It simply gathers intelligence in a easy to read manner to the client in order to give them a clearer picture with regards to what outcomes they have at their disposal.  

You might be looking to:

  • Expand your business or looking to get a clearer picture of how competitive your market really is.

  • Looking for a new leads/source of information to supplement a past or a current investigation.

  • Analyse future implications of certain courses of action based on the collected data you have on hand. 

As Intelligence Expert Mark M. Lowenthal put it "Intelligence can be information, but not all information is intelligence". Contact us today to find out if Open Source Intel Collection is relevant to you.