Achieve Your Goals

According to The Register, In 2016 alone New Zealand lost $1.3 Billion dollars to retail crime. An older study in the US revealed anything between 7-10% of stock that enters supermarket shelves is never seen again and is classified as either lost, stolen or damaged. 

The reality is, theft this large is not only impacting businesses but the wider community as a whole.

Clearly, Loss Prevention requires the input and active participation of each and everyone of your staff and acquaintances. BCSS can help provide the best strategy for your business by:

  • Raising awareness between staff members and educating them on best practices when it comes to theft and loss prevention.

  • Understanding the drive behind shop lifting.

  • Legal matters such as bag search policies, restraining etc. 

  • Dealing with aggressive offenders or hostile situations.

  • Shop layout considerations.

  • Effective communication techniques between staff members and security staff. 

  • CCTV, detectors and other technological devices.  

  • Proper Loss Prevention practices around "high-value" goods.  

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