Stay technologically ahead of your threats

In terms of Security, IT has evolved "continues to evolve" at an extremely fast rate. In less that a quarter of a generation, we have moved from owning bulky desktop computers to portable smart devices that have become not only a vital part of how we conduct work, but also intertwined in every fascist of our life. 

Likewise, our adversaries now have a much wider range of tools today when it comes to interfering with our daily lives be they in the form of stealing business information, hijacking your social networking account or even hacking your bank or national grid. 

BCSS look to facilitate awareness by providing a range of services to meet this ever-evolving challenge. Examples include:

  • Creating public awareness by hosting regular workshops. 

  • Reviewing of Cyber-Security practices against current best practice.

  • Engineering related "SCADA, Open Networks.

  • Computer Forensics and Investigations.

  • Penetration Testing. 

  • Data protection "Business and Individual"

Due to the complexity of this service, it is highly recommended that you ​book an initial consultation service or contact us with regards to the nature of your inquiry in order for us to deliver a tailored solution to your needs.