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Bright Concepts Security Solutions exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. 
With a Security focus in Australia and New Zealand, were are currently looking forwards towards forming strategic partnerships both locally and overseas to help be better prepared to come up with innovative solutions to the complex, ever-changing security environment that we live in today.
Driven by our passionate staff, our approach to providing excellent security solution to the wider community as a whole.



It is hard to find guards that "Get it". At BCSS, our guards are tested against our strict set of benchmarks before being sent off on assignment. We believe it is our duty to give you the peace of mind that you really deserve.  The benefit that we get in return is by testing these Security Operators against our benchmarks, we are regulating the Security Industry by maintaining talented security professionals in the workforce as well as encouraging industry best practice. After all, you are as sharp as the tip of your spear.


Committed to Excellence

At Bright Concepts Security Solutions, we shine the light on some of the Security Industry's most challenging questions.

On the ground exposure to hostile environments as well as the Contemporary Security Industry has demonstrated to us that safety IS the most important element after survival and maintaining it is critical in achieving any organization's maximum potential. We believe in the pursuit of excellence when it comes to creating a safe environment for you, your organization and the wider community as a whole.   

BCSS achieves this goal by possessing a diverse set of expertise in addition to partnering up with highly experienced industry-specific operators and consultants.

Be it strategic planning for your needs, industry specific Research and Development, Surveillance and Investigations  or just providing one-on-one feedback to your Security Personnel, BCSS will tailor its solutions to your requirements. 

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Part-Time (Unpaid)

We are currently looking for a blogger to kickstart and manage our blogs for our new upcoming website. An academic background in Intelligence / analysis would be advantageous for the role. We are not only looking for a student with high marks as much as we are for someone who knows how to apply theory into practice.



This role is for an experienced Surveillance Specialist who thinks outside the box. Innovation in Surveillance trade craft in a variety of contexts is highly desirable.

The ideal applicant would not only posses experience but also sound problem-solving in a highly stressful environment, "What will you do when someone knocks on your Van at 2am in the morning?" 

What makes BCSS stand out is the ability of our operators to maintain their cover "After all, that is how you survive in this industry!". If you have already come up with an answer to the question posed two sentences ago, we would love to hear from you!


Helping Businesses Blossom

Actively partaking in projects to expand our horizon is what we are about at BCSS.  We are always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships so if you think you or your organization have interest in working with us on a project, feel free to contact our Principle Consultant. Below are a list of past and current projects that we are working on.



It has been our pleasure to have been introduced to Nick Judge in 2018, founder of the Pro-Shooter Series. The range of products Nick offers are dry-fire pistols,reacting targets and shot recording software all of exceptional quality made locally in Australia. Its Oct 2018 and his website is already selling out!
BCSS was very privileged to have tested out his full "and currently expanding" product range. The main aim of our project was not only to benchmark the Pro-Shooter 2 series Nick had on offer against dry-fire tools that are out there in the market, we tested it to the MAX by firing thousands of rounds in a very short time frame. 
We also decided to take matters fully to the next level by giving it to someone who was relatively new to pistols and seeing how they performed during live-fire training. The results were OUTSTANDING! Click on link below for the full story.



Ever wondered how an organization like ISIS works? 

The following is a breakdown summary of a university research  that was conducted during the rise and fall of ISIS. Exclusive to BCSS, the intern goes on to interview a a wide range of subjects ranging from community leaders, law enforcement as well as some of the families that have been impacted by ISIS either directly or indirectly. Due to the sensitive nature of this study, BCSS has changed the names and specifics that relate to each individuals identity for their protection. The research provides the reader with very basic insight into the what compels such individuals to join this organizations. 




Surveillance Tradecraft: The Professionals Guide to Covert Surveillance Training

At BCSS, we are all about well-rounded books. When it comes to surveillance tradecraft, Peter's book stands out for three main reasons.
Firstly, he draws on his experiences both as a former Royal Marine Commando and as a fully-fledged Private Investigator. His hybrid approach to teaching surveillance is very 'practicality based' and this can be seen right from urban to rural surveillance. What we found interesting was how he applied his military background to the security context which makes this book very relevant to those who are active in the Private Security Industry.
Secondly, the layout of the book is wonderful. It is full of photos, diagrams and step-b-step instructions or a variety on scenarios ranging from, mobile and extended surveillance operations. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions as they are laid out in the book. 
Thirdly, the author does take a step back in the middle of each chapter to highlight the relevance to what you have learnt to the real world by discussing real world examples based on his own experiences as a Private Investigator "with photos". This advice is worth its weight in gold for those looking at or currently working as Private Investigators and Surveillance Officers.
All these factors in addition to the little extras such as gadgets and practical photography skills makes Peter's work a reliable go-to manual for Surveillance Tradecraft.

Surviellance Tradecraft.png


When will Digital Night Vision Catch Up?

Analog image intensifier tubes used in night vision devices have gotten pretty advanced over the years, but the underlying tech hasn’t changed since the 1930s. Digital sensors have been improving at an almost indescribable rate, but still lag behind in basic light sensitivity. How do they match up today? When will analog tubes be replaced? Is there more to consider than sensitivity? We compared a Gen3 White Phosphor PVS-14 to a modified Sony a7s2 to find out, testing under a variety of conditions and looking at a bunch of different factors.

night vision.png